Volume IV, No. 2                                            March 1998

In this issue:  Preliminary program of the 14th Annual Meeting of the
                Eric Voegelin Society to be held in Boston, Mass., 
                U.S.A., September 4th and 5th, 1998.


                         ERIC VOEGELIN SOCIETY
                          14TH ANNUAL MEETING
                          PRELIMINARY PROGRAM
         September 4-5, 1998, Boston Park Plaza, Boston, Mass.

   Program Organizer:  Ellis Sandoz, Louisiana State University,
   Eric Voegelin Institute
   LSU/ 240 Stubbs Hall
   Baton Rouge, LA 70803-5466
   TEL:504/ 388-2552
   FAX 504/ 388-2540



   Panel 1: Multiple Modernities: Voegelin's Relevance to Contemporary
            International Political Theory-A Roundtable 
   Time: 8:45 a.m., Friday
   Chair: Mendo Castro Henriques, Catholic University of Portugal

   Papers: "Is Modernity Gnostic?"
   David J. Levy, Middlesex University (London)

   "Modernity and Philosophy: The Italian Reception of Voegelin"
   Sandro Chignola, University of Verona (Italy)

   "Voegelin and French Philosophy: There and Back"
   Jacob Schmutz, Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales (Paris)

   "Voegelin & Current Trends in Portuguese Political Theory"
   Mendo Castro Henriques, Catholic University of Portugal 

   "Multiple Modernities"
   Shmuel Eisenstadt, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

   "Voegelin and Democratization Issues"
   Paul Rich & Guillermo de los Reyes, University of the Americas


   Panel 2: Voegelin's "Race" books As A Critique of Nazi Ideology
   Time: 10:45 a.m., Friday
   Chair: Manfred Henningsen, University of Hawaii
   Papers: "Contemporary Responses to Voegelin's 'Race' Books: A Critical
   Thomas A. Hollweck, University of Colorado-Boulder
   "Hannah Arendt and Eric Voegelin on Race Thinking and Modernity"
   Leah Bradshaw, Brock University (Ontario)
   "The Philosophical Anthropology of Race: A Voegelinian Encounter" 
   Thomas W. Heilke, University of Kansas
   "Voegelin's Overcoming of Race as _Ersatzpolitik_"
   Manfred Henningsen, University of Hawaii
   Respondant: Klaus Vondung, University of Siegen (Germany)

   Panel 3: Voegelin, the Ancient Greeks, and the Nature of Philosophy
   Time: 1:30 p.m., Friday
   Chair: Ellis Sandoz, Louisiana State University
   Papers: "Literature and Transcendence in Plato, Pseudo-Longinus, and
   Richard F. Moorton, Connecticut College
   "Mystic Philosophy in Plato's Seventh Letter"
   James M. Rhodes, Marquette University
   "Plato on Suffering and Salvation: A Voegelinian Reading"
   Zdravko Planinc, McMaster University (Ontario)
   "Voegelin's Reading of the Parmenides: Some Critical Reflections"
   Mark W. Sinnett, First Presbyterian Church of Stephenville, Texas
   Disc.: Athanasios Moulakis, University of Colorado-Boulder

   Panel 4: Reason and Revelation in Voegelin's Philosophy
   Time: 3:30 p.m., Friday
   Chair: John Ranieri, Seton Hall University
   Papers: "Does Athens Need Jerusalem? The Bible in Voegelin's Later
   John Ranieri, Seton Hall University
   "Is the Distinction Between Reason and Revelation Obsolete?"
   Frederick G. Lawrence, Boston College
   "Restoring the Conversation: Socratic Dialectic in Kierkegaard"
   Mark W. Sinnett, First Presbyterian Church of Stephenville, Texas
   "Religion in the Thought of John Stuart Mill"
   Linda Raeder, Catholic University of America
   Disc.: David Walsh, Catholic University of America
          Cecil L. Eubanks, Louisiana State University
          Paul Caringella, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution & Peace

   Panel 5: Voegelin and the Diversity of Politics
   Time: 8:45 a.m., Saturday
   Chair: Jene M. Porter, University of Saskatchewan

   Papers: "Voegelin, Violence, and Gnosticism"
   Dante Germino, University of Amsterdam
   "The Transcendental in American Statecraft: The Political Theory of
   Theodore Roosevelt"
   Greg Russell, University of Oklahoma
   "Just Law Theory in Light of Voegelin,"
   Henrik Syse, University of Oslo
   "Understanding Totalitarianism After the Velvet Revolution"
   Martin Palous, Charles University
   Disc.: Lee Trepanier, Louisiana State University
          Jene M. Porter, University of Saskatchewan

   Panel 6: Cosmos and World, Myth and Dedivinization in Voegelin's Late
   Time: 10:45 a.m., Saturday
   Chair: Glenn Hughes, Saint Mary's University 

   Papers: "Voegelin on the Significance of Plato's Myths of Immortality"
   Mark Morelli, Loyola Marymount
   "Voegelin's Late Work as an Approach to Education"
   Thomas D'Evelyn, Brown Learning Community
   "Logos and Community in Eric Voegelin and Simone Weil"
   Margaret S. Hrezo, Radford University
   "Twilight of the Gods: the Problem of Divine Presence in the World
   after Differentiation"
   Glenn Hughes, Saint Mary's University, San Antonio
   Disc.: Eugene Webb, University of Washington
          Thomas McPartland, Whitney Young College, Kentucky State

   Panel 7: Experience and Reality in Ethics and Politics 
   Time: 3:30 p.m., Saturday
   Chair: Steven Ealy, Liberty Fund, Inc.
   Papers: "Transcendence and Subjectivity: A Comparison of Voegelin with
   Emmanuel Levinas"
   Marie Baird, Duquesne University & Steve McCarl, University of Denver
   "Voegelin's Debt to Schelling"
   Gerald L. Day, McMaster University (Ontario)
   "Voegelin and Marx"
   Michael Franz, Loyola College of Maryland
   Disc.: Barry Cooper, University of Calgary (Alberta)
          Paul Caringella, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and
          Steven Ealy, Liberty Fund, Inc.

   SOCIETY--Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m., Saturday

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