Volume II, No. 5                                     November 27, 1996
_IN THIS ISSUE_:  1.  Announcing:  Second International Conference on 
                      the work of Eric Voegelin
                  2.  Bibliographic Update, # 5


ITEM # 1

  Centre for Voegelin Studies, Department of Religions and Theology, 
                        University of Manchester

                           ORDER AND HISTORY 

    Second International Conference on the work of Eric Voegelin
             Dalton-Ellis Hall, University of Manchester, 
                             3-6 July 1997


                       Preliminary Announcement

This residential conference will review the state of research in fields
opened up by Voegelin's endeavour, and in areas where his work is con-
tinue to stimulate new findings.  One day of the meeting will focus on
contemporary political issues, by debating the continuing relevance of
the diagnosis developed in Political Religions (1938) (English transla-
tion 1986; new German edition 1993). 

The conference is designed to encourage debate between scholars in
Europe, North America, and other regions.  To facilitate this, the 
format will consist of extended discussions between the authors of 
papers and specialist interviewers, followed by questions from the 
audience.  Papers will be precirculated to participants.  Publicity and 
application forms will be circulated in December 1996; to ensure that 
you receive a copy please complete and return the slip overleaf.

     The following contributors are expected:

Revelation and order in archaic societies: 

"Axial age" debate:
   -Professor Shmuel Eisenstadt, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hebrew 
    University of Jerusalem

   -Professor Jan Assmann, AEgyptologisches Institut, Universitaet 

Israel and Revelation:
Assessment and review:
   -Professor Bernhard Anderson, Boston University Interrelation of      
    Judaism and Christianity:

   -Professor Moshe Idel, Institute of Advanced Studies, Hebrew 
    University of Jerusalem

Plato and Aristotle:
Plato studies:
   -Professor Zdravko Planinc, Department of Religious Studies, McMaster 

Voegelin and Alfred Schuetz:
Recent research:
   -Mag. Gilbert Weiss, Institut fuer Soziologie, Universitaet zu Wien

New Testament Studies:
Recent research:
   -Dr. Michael Morrissey, Department of Theology, University of St 

Political Religions:
Historical context:
   -Prof Dr. Klaus-Ekkehard Baersch, Salomon-Ludwig Steinheim-Institut 
    fuer deutsch-juedische Geschichte, Universitaet Duisburg

Contemporary European politics:
   -Prof Dr. Juergen Gebhardt, Institut fuer Politische Wissenschaften, 
    Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg
   -Prof Dr. Peter J. Opitz, Eric-Voegelin-Archiv, Geschwister-Scholl 
    Institut fuer Politische Wissenschaft, Ludwig-Maximimilians-
    Universitaet Muenchen
   -Dr. Monika Uminska-Ziesche, Muenchen
   -Dr. Sandro Chignola, Verona
Contemporary European and Canadian politics:
   -Professor Barry Cooper, Department of Politics, University of 

Literary Studies:
Literary Theory:
   -Professor Eugene Webb, Henry M. Jackson School of International 
    Studies, University of Washington
   -Professor James L. Babin, Department of English, Louisiana State 

Literary Studies:
Contemporary readings: Milton; Tragedy:
   -Professor Jack Trotter, Department of English, Vanderbilt 
   -Professor Robert Watson, Department of English, Yale University

Chinese Ecumene: 
   -Dr. Seeonhee-Suh Kwon, Department of Political Science,
    Ewha Women's University, Seoul
   -Professor Steven Shankman, Department of English, University
    of Oregon
Japanese Studies:    
   -Professor Key Ray Chong, Department of History, Soka University, 
    Tokyo (under invitation)

This Conference is assisted by: Research Support Fund, University of
Manchester; Conseil International de la Philosophie et des Sciences
Humaines (UNESCO); Earhart Foundation; Goethe-Institut (Manchester).

      Order and History: Second International Conference on the 
                        Work of Eric Voegelin
                 Dalton-Ellis Hall, University of Manchester, 
                          Manchester M13 9PL

Please send me details of this forthcoming conference (mailing in 
December 1996):

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Return to: Dr Geoffrey L Price, Centre for Voegelin Studies, Department
of Religions and Theology, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL,
UK  (Fax +44 161 275 3613; e-mail geoff.price@man.ac.uk)


ITEM # 2

                      Bibliographical Update # 5: 
     "Nietzsche and Pascal" from the _History of Political Ideas_;       
               The Reception of Voegelin's Work in Italy;
           Occasional Papers, _Eric-Voegelin-Archiv_, Munich;
               and other recent publications and reviews.


The assistance of numerous correspondents, and of the _Eric-Voegelin-
Archiv_, Munich, in compiling this update is gratefully acknowledged. 
Please continue to send additions and corrections.

           Geoffrey Price


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