Volume II, No. 1                                            March 1996

_In this issue_:  II. 1.  Notice and schedule of Reading Workshop in 


Centre for Voegelin Studies          with: Department of Philosophy
Dept. Religions & Theology           Free University of Amsterdam     
University of Manchester                                          
                                     and : Department of Sociology
                                     University of Manchester   


                          READING WORKSHOP
            Eric Voegelin: _ANAMNESIS_: Parts I and III
              Thursday 4 July - Saturday 6 July 1996            
                     Faculteit de Wijsbegeerte
        13th Floor, Hoofdgebouw, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam      
              De Boelelaan 1105, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
This reading workshop will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy, Main 
Building, Free University of Amsterdam.  Parts I and III of _Anamnesis_ 
will be studied in nine sessions.  Published English texts represent-
ing the full original text of _Anamnesis_, will be used; photocopy col- 
lections will be provided.  Prior reading is essential.  Seminar lea-
ders will be arranged when the list of participants is known.   


                         Anamnesis I: 1943
Thursday  4 July    2.00    In Memoriam Alfred Schuetz
                            Letter to Alfred Schuetz on Edmund Husserl
                    3.45    On the Theory of Consciousness; Anamnesis

                         Anamnesis II: 1965

Friday    5 July    9.00     Knowledge and Reality
                   10.45     The Consciousness of the Ground
                    2.00     Linguistic Indices and Type Concepts
                    3.45     The Tensions in the Reality of Knowledge
Saturday  6 July    9.00     The Concrete Consciousness
                   10.45     On the Function of Noesis  



Low cost hostel accommodation (single rooms) has been reserved up to 1
May.  The hostel address is:
        Hospitium Free University
        Laan van Kronenburg 9
        1183 AS  Amstelveen

        tel. no. (international) + 31 20 444 92 70
        fax. no. (international) + 31 20 644 65 60

It is necessary to pay the _Hospitium_ directly.  No payment for
accommodation can be dealt with at Manchester.

Cost: 55,- guilders/night (single rooms).  Breakfast: 12,50 guilders

All bookings should arrive at the Hospitium before May 1st and should
mention "Eric Voegelin Conference," dates of stay, whether or not
breakfast is required, and any requests for extra nights.  Payment 
should be enclosed when booking: see below.

Send a COPY of your booking to: 

        Dr Peter McMylor 
        Department of Sociology
        Coupland 2 Building
        University of Manchester
        Manchester M13 9PL, UK

        tel (international) +44 161 275 2492
        fax (international) +44 161 275 2514 
        e-mail  P.MCMYLOR@MAN.AC.UK 


Any payment is accepted, except credit-cards! Cheques should be made pay-
able to Hospitium Free University (account no. 35 65 197).  Euro-cheques 
[with Eurocheque number on reverse] denominated in Dutch Guilders will be

accepted; cheques, again payable to Hospitium Free University [with
cheque card number on reverse], can also be sent in US-dollars or in
Pounds Sterling at the current exchange rate.  No refunds can be
arranged; overseas applicants are recommended to take out appropriate
travel insurance. 


Late bookings to attend the conference are possible, they should be sent 
direct to Peter McMylor at the above address; however, after 1 May you 
will have to make your own arrangements for accommodation.


Arrange direct with Hospitium and pay at time of booking.  Alternatively,
contact Amsterdam Tourist Board: telephone (international) +31 6340 34066
(no fax messages accepted) or your local travel agent.   


It is important that conference attendence is confirmed by sending a copy
of your booking letter to Dr. McMylor to enable documentation to be
planned and sessions arranged.


1.  From Schiphol Airport: go to the train station, and take a one-way
fare to Amsterdam/World Trade Centre, combined with ticket for
train-taxi.  (cost approx. 11 guilders).  Taxi goes straight to door of
Hospitium within 10 minutes.

2.  From Schiphol Train Station, or Amsterdam/WTC Train Station: buy a
public transport ticket (11 guilders for 15 fares, needed for days ahead)
and then take the tram line no. 5 or no. 51 in direction of Amstelveen. 
Leave at stop 'Uilenstede' (about 5 minutes: two fares on ticket).  Then
walk across to student housing area, about 5 minutes.

3.  From Amsterdam Train Station, if arriving from other European
countries by train: take metro/tram line no. 51, which arrives at Free
University in 15 minutes, or Uilenstede (see above) in 20 minutes.


From Amsterdam South/WTC: either walk (5 minutes) or if heavily packed, 
take tram no. 5 or 51.  One stop ahead is Free University.  Faculty of 
Philosophy is on 13th floor of Main Building (Hoofdgebouw).


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