Volume I, No. 4             SPECIAL ISSUE                   April 1995

_In this issue_:  XXII Annual Lonergan Workshop Agenda


The editors of _VOEGELIN -- RESEARCH NEWS_ have just received the pro-
gramme for the XXII Annual Lonergan Workshop to be held at Boston Col-
lege in June 1995.  In order to inform our readers as soon as possible 
about a matter of potential interest, we think it appropriate to pro-
duce a "special issue" of the newsletter containing an abridged pro-
gamme listing, and a booking form. For a copy of the complete programme 
please contact the director of the workshop, Prof. Fred Lawrence, Direc-
tor, Lonergan Workshop, Theology Department, Carney Hall # 418, Boston 
College, CHESTNUT HILL, Mass MA 02167-3128 Fax (617) 552 0794.


                      22nd Annual Lonergan Workshop  

_IN TUNE WITH THE DIVINE GROUND_:  _Cultural and Social Conditions for 
                            Political Order_

                   Boston College, June 19-23, 1995


Morning speakers with specialist interest in Voegelin include:

             Michael P. Morrissey (St. Thomas University)
             Brendan Purcell (University College, Dublin)

Discussion Groups include:

"Introducing Eric Voegelin," with Chip Hughes and Thomas McPartland
"Voegelin and Lonergan," with John Ranieri and Brendan Purcell

Afternoon panels include:

Monday:  Noetic and Pneumatic Differentiations/Religious, Moral, 
         Intellectual Conversions.
         Paul Caringella, John Ranieri, Thomas McPartland

Tuesday:  Symbols and Equivalences of Meaning.
          Charles Hefling, Glenn "Chip" Hughes, Paul Kidder

Wednesday:  The Truth of Existence and the Cognitive Function of 
            Matthew Lamb, Geoffrey Price, Michael Shute

Thursday:  Lonergan/Voegelin and Liberal Society.
           Leon Hooper, David Levy, Michael McCarthy
Evening sessions include:

Tuesday:  Lonergan/Voegelin:  Reflections on World Order.
          David Burrell, David Levy, Mendo Henriques, Martin Palous

Friday:  Planning session for Fall Weekend Workshop:  Lonergan and 

_Fees_:  Lonergan Workshop Only:  $15 registration fee plus $135 pay-
able in advance on Monday, June 19.

_Housing_:  Shared apartments:  single bedroom $50/day; double bedroom 
$30/day.  Those who wish on-campus housing should register with the 
workshop and reserve rooms by May 15.  Housing check-in will be Sun-
day June 18, 2 to 7 at 70, St. Thomas More Hall

To register for the Workshop:  Mail $15 registration fee to Fred Law-
rence, Director, Lonergan Workshop, Carney Hall #418, Boston College, 
CHESTNUT HILL, MA 02167, USA.  Fax (617) 552 0794

I/We plan to attend the 1995 Lonergan Workshop




I we would like to apply for 

----student or retired rate
----academic credit
----single (50/day)
----double (30/day)
----number of nights required

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