Volume I, No. 1                                          February 1995

                            _Inaugural Message_



   For the past few months, Professors Poirier (of the Department of 
   Political Science of Concordia University, MONTREAL) and Price (of the
   Department of Religions and Theology of the University of MANCHESTER)
   have been discussing the advisability of establishing a Voegelin 
   presence on Internet.  They now feel they are at a stage in their 
   deliberations where it is possible to go forward and solicit the views 
   of other scholars potentially interested in this project.  Hence, in 
   order to occasion discussion, which, it is hoped, will lead to action, 
   they are proposing the creation of a two tiered English language 
   electronic newsletter to be called _VOEGELIN -- RESEARCH NEWS_.

   1.  The first tier of _VOEGELIN -- RESEARCH NEWS_ will be an electronic 
   information area available to all scholars wishing to advertise forthcoming 
   publications (in all major European languages) of potential interest to 
   Voegelin scholars, as well as to all scholars wanting to announce the 
   locations and agendas of conferences, meetings, seminars, etc., of direct 
   or indirect bearing on Voegelin studies.  NOTE:  Items placed in this 
   section need not be about Voegelin.  They need only be of potential 
   interest to scholars who are interested in the issues that were of 
   concern to the late Professor Eric Voegelin.  In publicizing books and
   articles, scholars may send the editors of _VOEGELIN -- RESEARCH NEWS_ 
   short abstracts, written in English, of no more than 200 words.

   2.  The second tier of _VOEGELIN -- RESEARCH NEWS_ is placed at the 
   disposal of all scholars wishing to apprise others of their recent 
   research into a subject that is of interest to Voegelin scholars, launch 
   a discussion into a particular topic deemed to be of significance to 
   all who have an interest in Voegelin's thought, test out ideas they 
   have been developing on a theme related to Voegelin's writings, etc.  
   NOTE:  Here, the objective is not only to discuss Voegelin's writings,
   although this will inevitably take place, but to bring together 
   discussants from a variety of backgrounds and orientations, who have an 
   interest in the things that were of concern to Voegelin and remain of 
   interest and concern to Voegelin scholars.  It is not inconceivable, 
   for example, that historians might want to avail themselves of this 
   area to discuss contemporary developments in fields such as Renaissance 
   hermeticism, chiliastic movements in the middle ages, etc., while 
   theologians and students of religion would perhaps present summaries 
   of, or reactions to, recent work on ancient gnostic sects or heretical 
   movements in the early days of the church, etc.  _This feature will be 

   3.  The issuance of the _VOEGELIN -- RESEARCH NEWS_ will _not_ 
   necessarily take place on a regular basis, but as need arises.  
   Submissions from interested scholars for inclusion in the _VOEGELIN -- 
   RESEARCH NEWS_ will very much dictate the publication schedule.  All 
   submission are to be sent to Professors Poirier or Price.  

   Scholars who do not have access to e-mail, and who wish to make an 
   announcement, or submit a piece for inclusion in the second tier, may 
   submit material for inclusion in _VOEGELIN -- RESEARCH NEWS_ by regular 
   post.  Those amongst you who have come to this message by way of e-mail, 
   please advise such scholars to submit this material in ASCII format on 
   a 3.5 inch DOS-format double-density disk to either editor.  NOTE:  For 
   the foreseeable future, distribution and circulation of _VOEGELIN -- 
   RESEARCH NEWS_ will be by way of e-mail only.

   4.  It is felt that an archiving of the _VOEGELIN -- RESEARCH NEWS_ and, 
   more particularly, of other Voegelin related documents should be attempted.  
   To this end, archive space has been agreed to at the main University of 
   Manchester Information Server.  Initially, these archives will contain 
   copies of the _VOEGELIN -- RESEARCH NEWS_ and bibliographies (i.e., 
   bibliographies of works and articles about Voegelin or on a Voegelin 
   related topic), but it is not inconceivable that other materials may also 
   be archived there, if there is an interest.  

   Archiving is on the University of Manchester Campus-Wide Information 
   Service:  GOPHER to info.mcc.ac.uk, and use search facilities to find 
   Department of Religions and Theology entry.

   5.  Professors Poirier and Price wish to make it clear that it is their
   understanding that _VOEGELIN -- RESEARCH NEWS_ is to be inclusive in 
   terms of what it announces, in the sense that it is open to all who 
   recognize the importance of Eric Voegelin's scholarship, and most 
   especially the fact that Voegelin's work involved openness to the 
   exploration of reality in all its dimensions.  In practice, one of the 
   things this means is that we do expect to be in dialogue with scholars 
   who are working in related areas of study or on related thinkers, e.g., 
   Polanyi, Lonergan, Levinas.

   6.  Any suggestion(s) interested parties may wish to make, as well as 
   any existing bibliographies scholars may wish to contribute to this effort, 
   are welcome, particularly so if they are fully or partially annotated 

   7.  If you wish to participate in this endeavour (or if you know of 
   someone who would like to participate), please send your (his/her) name and 
   e-mail address to one of the editors.  Thank you.

   Dr. M.W. Poirier                  | Dr. Geoffrey L. Price
   Dept. of Political Science        | Dept. of Religions and Theology
   Concordia University              | University of Manchester
   Loyola Campus                     | MANCHESTER M13 9PL
   7141 Sherbrooke Street W.         | United Kingdom
   MONTREAL, Quebec                  | 
   H4B 1R6                           | 
   E-Mail: poirmw@Vax2.Concordia.Ca  | E-Mail: g.price@manchester.ac.uk