Guideline for submissions to VOEGELIN--RESEARCH NEWS

    1.  Articles should be written in normal academic style as if pre-
    senting for submission to journals such as the Review of Politics, 
    the Journal of The American Academy of Religion or the Review of 

    2.  An article that is a response to work of another author, should 
    open with a summary of that work and the points in it that are to be 
    the focus of discussion.

    3.  The Chicago Manual of Style (13th Edition) should be consulted on
    points of style, spelling, abbreviations etc.  In particular, endnotes
    should contain full details of sources referred to, in Chicago Manual
    format.  (Please remember to use endnotes rather than footnotes and 
    to underscore titles.  Remember also not to use the superscript 
    feature of your wordprocessor, since this feature is negated by ASCII.)

    4.  Please remember to submit articles in ASCII format.  Most wordpro-
    cessors are capable of saving text files in ASCII format.  Remember 
    also that accented non-English letters (i.e., "e" acute) do not repro-
    duce easily over the Internet; so it may be wiser to use the closest 
    English letter.  Please keep line length to a maximum of 72 spaces, 
    with no margin on the left.

    5.  Submissions can be sent to either editor by e-mail or by diskette.
    (The preferred way is by e-mail.)

    6.  All article and article-like submissions (i.e., review essays, ex-
    tended comments. etc.), with the exception of conference announcements,
    bibliographies, etc., are anonymously refereed.