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      This is an archive site containing back-issues of the electronic
      newletter-journal VOEGELIN--RESEARCH NEWS, a newsletter-journal
      dedicated to keeping scholars informed of recent developments in
      the study of the thought of the political philosopher Eric W.
      Voegelin.  The archive is located at Concordia University, in
      MONTREAL, Quebec.


                    Guidelines for submissions to V--RN



       * Volume I, No. 1, February 1995
         -- Inaugural Message.

       * Volume I, No. 2, March 1995

       * Volume I, No. 3, April 1995
         -- Z. Planinc review of Faith and Political Philosophy:
                       The Correspondence Between Leo Strauss and
                       Eric Voegelin, 1934-1964.

       * Volume I, No. 4, April 1995

       * Volume I, No. 5, July 1995
         -- Bibliographical Up-Date # 1.

       * Volume I, No. 6, October 1995
         -- Bibliographical Up-Date # 2.

       * Volume I, No. 7, November 1995
         -- The Reception of Eric Voegelin's Writings in Germany:
            A Bibliography.

       * Volume I, No. 8, January 1996
         -- Cumulative Bibliographical Up-Date:  Up-Date # 3.

       * Volume II, No. 1, March 1996

       * Volume II, No. 2, June 1996
         -- Bibliographical Up-Date # 4.

       * Volume II, No. 3, September 1996
         -- A transcription of a talk given by Eric Voegelin at
            York University, Toronto, 1978, and a comment on the
            talk by Professor Z. Planinc of McMaster University,
            Hamilton, Ontario.

       * Volume II, No. 4, November 1996
         -- In Memoriam Lissy Voegelin (1906-1996).

       * Volume II, No. 5, November 1996
         -- Bibliographical Up-Date # 5.

       * Volume III, No. 1, February 1997
         -- A review of Michael Franz's work Eric Voegelin and
            the Politics of Spiritual Revolt: The Roots of Modern
            Ideology by Eugene Webb.
         -- A Voegelin lecture outline from November 1962.

       * Volume III, No. 2, April 1997
         -- Guidelines for submissions to VOEGELIN--RESEARCH NEWS.
         -- A Comment on Eugene Webb's review article by Thomas J.
         -- Bibliographical Up-Date #6.

       * Volume III, No. 3, May 1997
         -- ANNOUNCEMENT:
            Second International Conference on the work of Eric Voegelin
                      University of Manchester, 3-6 July 1997
            Woolton Hall, Whitworth Lane, Fallowfield, MANCHESTER M14 6WS

       * Volume III, No. 4, June 1997
         -- ANNOUNCEMENT:
                1997 American Political Science Ass'n Annual Meeting
                   for ERIC VOEGELIN Society, 13th Annual Meeting
                               August 29-30, 1997

       * Volume III, No. 5, October 1997
         -- VOEGELIN -- A Voice of the Cold War Era...?  A COMMENT
            on a Eugene Webb review, by Maben W. Poirier.
         -- The language of political diagnosis:  Voegelin's portrayal
            of social decline, Geoffrey L Price.
         -- Bibliographic Update No. 7.

       * Volume IV, No. 1, February 1998
         -- Bibliographic Update No. 8.

       * Volume IV, No. 2, March 1998
         -- Preliminary Programme of the 14th Annual Meeting of the
            Eric Voegelin Society to be held in Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
            September 4th and 5th, 1998.

       * Volume IV, No. 3, August 1998
         -- WAR AND THE CRISIS OF EUROPE:  Early Speeches of Voegelin
            in the United States, 1939-1942.
         -- Bibliographic Update # 9, 1 Jan - 11 May 1998.

       * Volume IV, No. 4, August 1998
         -- Professor Eugene Webb's reply to his critics.

       * Volume IV, No. 5, October 1998
         -- Bibliographic Update # 10, 11 May 1998 to August 1998.
         -- Conference announcement.

       * Volume IV, No. 6, November 1998
         -- Munich Symposium: Postponement
         -- "War and the Crisis of Europe: Early Speeches
            of Voegelin in the United States 1939-1942.  Part II:
            Democracy and the Individual."

       * Volume IV, No. 7, November 1998
         -- Eric Voegelin's unpublished typescript "Cleri-
            calism" (c. 1946), introduced and transcribed by
            David Beam.

       * Volume IV, No. 8, November 1998
         -- Bibliography Update # 11.
         -- Transcription of Voegelin's talk "The Church."
            (Transcribed by M. W. Poirier)

       * Volume V, No. 1, February 1999
         -- Bibliography Update # 12.
         -- "Political Science and the Intellectuals," a paper
            presented by Eric Voegelin at the APSA meeting of
            1952, with an Introduction by Geoffrey L. Price.

       * Volume V, No. 2, May 1999
         -- Bibliography Update # 13. 

       * Volume VI, No. 1, February 2003
            by Dr. Jerry Day.
            For a MSWord version of Dr. Day's paper, download and
            unzip the file DAY.ZIP
         -- Bibliography Update #14. 


           This section will contain recently published papers by
             M. W. Poirier.  The papers will be on a variety of
           subjects directly or indirectly related to the thought
                               of Eric Voegelin.

         -- "IDEOLOGY: A COMMENTARY ON A DEFINITION" Appraisal, Vol.
            VI, No. 2 (October 2006), pp. 10-29. IDEOLOGY.PDF In this
            paper, I write a commentary on a definition of "ideology"
            advanced by the late Gerhart Niemeyer in his work BETWEEN
            NOTHINGNESS AND PARADISE.  The definition is IN PART based
            on Voegelin's thinking, but only IN PART.

            TRANSCENDENT?" PART I, Appraisal, Vol. VII, No. 2
            (October 2008), pp. 21-30. EVPT1.PDF -- Please give
            this file time to load.  It is a large file.  --  ABSTRACT:
            My objective in this paper is to present an alternative inter-
            pretation of the thought of the renowned political philoso-
            pher Eric Voegelin (1901-1985).  He has been understood by
            many of his most devoted followers as a classically based
            Christian thinker, and sometimes simply as a deeply
            spiritual person, who was critical of modernity for its
            abandonment of Christian-inspired political and social
            standards.  In this article, I demonstrate that Voegelin
            was not only not a Christian in any sense of the term that
            is acceptable, but he was not a theist or even a deist.
            I argue rather that Voegelin was a modern thinker and an
            atheist, who, curiously, unlike a number of modern thinkers
            who are also atheists, rejected the idea of any kind of
            immanent or earthly fulfilment for mankind.  Of course,
            any kind of transcendent fulfilment was also out of the
            question for him.  I further argue that his seeming
            support for Christianity in his writings stemmed from his
            desire to use a modified or immanentised understanding of
            Christianity as the basis on which to erect a civil theo-
            logy that would serve as a substitute for what he viewed
            as the contaminated civil theologies of the left and right
            that issued out of the Enlightenment era, and which,
            according to Voegelin, have proven to be so very devastating
            for political order and common civility in our time.

            I wish to acknowledge the generosity of the editor of
            Appraisal, Richard Allen, for allowing me to make
            Part I of my paper available on my web site. The copyright
            remains with Appraisal.

            TRANSCENDENT?" PART II, Appraisal, Vol. VII, No. 3
            (March 2009), pp. 25-38. EVPT2.PDF -- Please give
            this file time to load.  It is a large file.

            I wish to acknowledge the generosity of the editor of
            Appraisal, Richard Allen, for allowing me to make
            Part II of my paper available on my web site. The copyright
            remains with Appraisal.

        --  The original version of the manuscript "ERIC VOEGELIN'S
            to the editor of Appraisal can also be obtained from
            here. IMMANENTISM.PDF
            This version differs from the published version only in the
            sense that Parts I and II are in a single document, it is
            formatted so as to contain a single column of text per page,
            and it contains footnotes rather than endnotes.  If you wish
            to cite parts of the text, it would be best to download the
            two part published version of the article above.

        -- Please also read Professor Eugene Webb's comment on my two
           part paper entitled "ERIC VOEGELIN'S IMMANENTISM...."
           Professor Webb's paper entitled "The Question of Eric Voegelin’s
           Faith (or Atheism?):  A Comment on Maben Poirier’s Critique.”
          Appraisal: The Journal of the Society for Post-Critical Philosophy
           and Personalist Studies VIII, no. 2 (October 2010): 42–51. 56,
           can be found here --Eugene Webb--


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