Information About Conducting

Conducting a concert band or an orchestra is much more difficult than it may look. There's a lot more to it than just standing in front of the group, with your back to the audience, waving a stick. :-)

On the other hand, there are various rewards involved also. Here's what Sir Eugene Goossens had to say about it:

"You can draw a sort of immense emotional throb out of the air merely by curving your hand. You can get brilliant waves of sound merely by a twist of the wrist. You can make sudden and absolute silence by a gesture. It is the most wonderful of sensations that any man can conceive. It really oughtn't to be allowed."

(from page 6 of

How to Lead a Symphony Orchestra in the Privacy of Your Own Home

by Dan Carlinsky and Ed Goodgold
Dell Publishing, New York, 1991
ISBN: 0-440-50415-5)
[ Note: If you're at all interested in conducting, buy this book! It's well worth the US$10 price -- and even includes a baton. :-) ]

Here are some more places to read about the art of conducting:

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