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Subject: atmospheric conditions / leif brush
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Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 16:11:15 EDT

hello CEC

enjoying th narrative(s) ... still ducking to avoid blaterare ... is
Blaterare :: to blather ? ... and focusing on (de)(de)(de)composing
composing (de) :) ...

thanks to Steve Bradley for clarifying that it was not Alvin Lucier but
EA (nature/tree/tech) composer Leif Brush .... Leif Brush has been known
to be out on a limb .... his work sounds very interesting ... sounds
like what i was looking for ... if any one is interested they can find
more information at Leonardo or at Leif Brush website as follows ...

Artist's Statement

Since 1969, I have monitored atmospheric and climatic phenomena for
their vibrational impact upon air, lake and natural objects (trees) with
Terrain Instrument structures using non-mike transducer varieties . The
work has evolved through analog only to analog and digital mergings via
a Macintosh using Sound Designer Protocols and Deck software. My most
active sound source is the exclusively wind-only monitor Windribbon,
which consists of a half-inch brass ribbon stretched 250 feet between
birch trees. I am currently working on sonification, virtual sound
imaging, and seeking real-time sound sources for my project.

Updated 18 June 1998.

for example ...

Banff Centre for the Arts and the University of Calgary, Canada, First
International Conference on Acoustic Ecology, The Terrain Instruments
Soundworks, sound/video presentation.


"Monitoring Nature's Sounds with Terrain-Based Constructions," by Leif
Brush with Gloria DeFilipps Brush, Vol. 17, Jazz Nu, Amsterdam, Mei.


Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A., Graspable Atmospheres.

University of Maryland, U.S.A., Imported Sources: Terrain Instruments
and Tree Clusters.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minnesota, U.S.A., Imported Sources:
Forest Compression/Real Time Transmission and Playings from the Terrain

University of Chicago Midway Studios, U.S.A., Imported Sources:
Modulated Laser Sound Performance of the Trees and Lake Superior Ice

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