Subject: Proposal
From: Hans Tutschku (
Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 06:18:57 EST

Dear Joel,

herewith I'm sending you my best wishes for 2000 and I hope that all
your plans for
Engine 27 will happen with success.

>And when you actually enroll as a Subscriber or Friend, we'll offer
>you any CD from the EMF Media label as a gift. Choose from Iannis
>Xenakis' electronic music, or the complete musical works of Pierre
>Schaeffer, or the first recording of John Cage's BirdCage (due out
>before Christmas), or any of several other CDs.

Is this just applicable for new subscribers from now on? If not, I would like
to ask for the first recording of John Cage's BirdCage.
(If ever you send me something, please send it to Ircam.)

Further I'm sending you a proposal for a project I would like to
discuss with you.

Engine 27 as listening gallery

Characteristic sounds will be composed into an evolving sound
environment - diffused
on a multichannel speaker system. The public will listen to an
ever-changing space
and travel with their ears between different countries and sonic ambiences.
But all sounds, based on real recordings the German composer
Hans Tutschku realised throughout the last years, were treated in the
studio to create an ambience between reality and new sonic relationships.

The project in New York could be part of a series of presentations,
which started already in
spring 1999 in Paris, followed by presentations in Basle
(Switzerland), Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
and Weimar (Germany) in summer 1999.

In each of these places typical Soundscapes from the local
environment were recorded and
added to the already existing 14 hours of sound. This "growing work
in progress" traces
the sound sculptures evolutionary path.

For a period of two weeks, daily at different times of the day (and
night) a sort of
"hearing gallery" will be accessible, to discover and experience new
listening spaces.
The multichannel projection is used to play with the space, to
differentiate sound events
and to create a sense of sonic movement.

This sound sculpture is the sixth project of this kind realised by
Hans Tutschku.

1998 "Klanghochspannung" - sound installation - 12 channels
1997 "Klanglabyrinth" - sound installation - 42 channels in a cave
1997 "Der unsichtbare Hörturm" - open air sound installation - on
the tour of the castle Weimar
1996 "Der unsichtbare Hörturm" - open air sound installation - on
the tour of the University Jena
1996 "Klangbrücke" - sound installation - 4 channels
1994 "Sound-Scapes" - sound exposition in 14 pieces (Schwarzer Bär Weimar)

The sound installation is controlled by a G3-computer with a
multichannel sound card
(at least 12) and a MAX/MSP-application which contains the "score"
for the playback
of the prepared sound- and movement sequences.

The presentation of the listening gallery could be opened by a
concert with electroacoustic compositions of
mine, all using environmental recordings in a multichannel setup.

I hope that this project could find your interest and I'm looking
forward to answer
further questions.

Best wishes, Hans

Hans Tutschku

6, rue Meslay
75003 Paris
Tel: 0033-1-42 77 83 26
mobil: 0033-6-80 15 54 10

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