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Date: Thu Dec 23 1999 - 14:07:18 EST

Vivian and Paul, wrote:
>Now we must pay, but the govern ment allows us $100 a day.
>Difficult to do that & enough to pay for a room & food.....

if you stay in one of the suggested hotels in the downtown
region of La Habana city, known as "Habana La Vieja", it will
cost much less than $100 per day.

>Jon Appleton are you there???? Please help us out
>on new rules.....

Another American composer who attended several editions of
the "Spring in La Habana" Festival aside from Jon is Neil
Leonard. David Jaffe as well.

>While there are problems in working all this out, it is well
>worth the trip. The people are lovely but much too poor. You
>will never be the same if you go!

Another option that might make things easier is to try flying
the brand-new (monthly?) flights New York-La Habana. According
to the info I've read in some newspapers people allowed to take
in those flights are "researchers, journalists, people going for humanitarian
reasons, priests and any person for non-tourism
reason". Visas for people accepted on those flights are easier
to obtain. Please verify this info.

Martin Fumarola

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