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Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 18:30:33 EST

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<< as anyone from the US traveled to Havana for
past "Springs in Havana?"
  It seems that performing or attending
a festival of music is not considered legitimate.

Thanks in advance for any insight people might have>>

Dear Paul,

I've been to two festivals & have begun my phone calls myself because I have
forgotten what to do. So far each different person at the state department
has told me something different. Most of what they say is incorrect.

Going to participate & take part in a music festival is an OK reason to go to
Cuba, as far as what I have read. In the past we have not needed a license.
That keeps coming up, but I don't think we need one. In the past we were
limited to spend almost no money & we were hosted. Now we must pay, but the
govern ment allows us $100 a day. Difficult to do that & enough to pay for a
room & food..... Jon Appleton are you there???? Please help us out on new

Although I called Marazul tours, Charter ABC & they said they would send me
information it hasn't come yet. Their numbers are 1 800 223 5334, or 1 201

They fly into Cuba from Miami. They won't take reservations until the end of

The Cuban Intersection ( in place of an embassy) should be able to help both
of us but it's difficult to get them. That is where we get visas to Cuba.
Don't call at lunch time.

Phone 202 797 8609, or, 8518
Another number is 202 663 1225.

We do need a visa to go there & passport. I think we need a visa to get back
to US, but am not certain.

While there are problems in working all this out, it is well worth the trip.
The people are lovely but much too poor. You will never be the same if you

Please don't hesitate to contact me either by e-mail or phone 410-889-3939.
If you get any information let me know.


Vivian Adelberg Rudow


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