Dance collaboration opp.

Subject: Dance collaboration opp.
From: DC Mckinnon (
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 04:00:53 EST

Hi all - I'm forwarding a message from a dancer/choreographer friend of
mine who's looking for a composer to work with on an upcoming project in
Please reply directly to her!
From: Tessa Wills <>

I am writing because I am looking for a composer for a project I have an
oppertunity to work on, in Brussels over the next 6 months. The work will be
performed in a festival in Brussels, and has the opportunity to be performed
in other Eropean festivals, apparently, though I do not yet know the

The piece occurs as part of a training course in the PARTS school of Anna
teresa de Keersmaeker, who is a Belgian Dance Theatre practitioner. She has
just made a piece with Magnus Lindberg.
I have a budget, but I don't yet know how much that will be, or how I may be
able to distribute it, so I can't guarantee money, only exposure, and
opportunity to make something which may be performed by the ictus ensemble
and supported by therry de may.

I will leave for Brussels on about the 15th of January, so if I could speak
to someone before then, I would feel more secure, and have more time and
energy to put into it, then when I first arrive there.


9 Exeter Buildings,

0117 973 5798

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