Re: PAE philosophy wars?

Subject: Re: PAE philosophy wars?
From: John Young (
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 20:46:20 EST

Naut Humon wrote:

> And if a PAE PR notice is innappropriate for this
>particular list I will decline future informations
>of this nature to cec.

What I actually meant was that surely we can discuss the views in a piece
of writing (albeit tied to the Prix Ars Electronica) without us going into
"that" Ars Electronica debate yet again. If we are to discuss issues of
how and why our music is made and perceived, let's do so at a musical
level, not at the level of how bored the PAE panel were with the stuff in
any particular year - after all the listening conditions imposed in that
sort of situation are not at all ideal, and anyone entering competitions
has to accept that one lives with the particular or collective leanings of
the individuals on a panel.

>If speaking as a representative
>of this Ars organization puts me in a position
>perceived to others as a "validation" mechanism
>of personal acknowledgement then why the hell do
>I even bother trying to convey the collective sentiments
>of years of jury and organizers various opinions?

I can't answer that, but musical values - if they are true musical values -
will never be changed by decrees of the sort made under the auspices of the
PAE, or the strategic plans of any other corporate body.

Having said that - sheesh, it's their gig ...


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