ICMC Submission Deadlines [Resend]

Subject: ICMC Submission Deadlines [Resend]
From: Peter Castine (pcastine@prz.tu-berlin.de)
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 13:32:57 EST

Dear Colleagues,

The ICMC 2000 Organization Committee announces herewith that the
Submission Deadlines for Musical Works (including Compositions and
Installations) and for Papers (including Posters, Demos, and Studio
Reports) have been extended to:

     January 15, 2000 (postmark) for Musical Works
     January 15, 2000 (e-mail timestamp) for Papers

We hope that this extension will allow more people to submit their work
for consideration.

We would also like to thank all those who have already submitted

We are working to a very tight schedule for both the scientific and
artistic jury processes, so get those submissions in as soon as you can!

Submission forms and instructions are at the ICMC 2000 WWW Site. Please


The deadline information at the Web Site may not be updated for another
few hours. Rest assured that the Jan. 15 deadline is authoritative.

Your friendly ICMC 2000 Conference Chair,
Peter Castine

PS: Your address was included in the distribution list for this message
in good faith that it will be of interest to you. If this is not the
case, please accept my apologies and disregard this mail. I also
apologize if you receive multiple copies: invariably some people will
read this twice, and some never at all...

PPS: Dear List Moderator... if this message is not posted to your list
because I am not a subscriber, would you please consider forwarding it
anyway? Perhaps this is the only second ICMC 2000 submission deadline
update your list has seen?

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