Re: academics & ea,genreism,- PAE?

Subject: Re: academics & ea,genreism,- PAE?
From: John Young (
Date: Sun Dec 19 1999 - 18:06:54 EST

>--so apparently we're back again bringing up these
>relatively ancient discourses on Ostertags '96
> ever infamous article -- I've been out of touch
>with cecdiscuss since the summer due to travels,
>events and yet these relics of the reactions to
>the Ars competition results still occasionally

> well get set for the PAE 2000 Digital Musics appeal
>set for deadline by April. For those disillusioned
>by trends indicated in recent years need not
>apply -- but those challenged by the quest for
>fresh and unusual approaches in ea that DON'T
>have to be marginalized by contemporary
> "electronica" hipness or the repetitive
>cliches of modern generic acousmatic - DO

Delusions of reference? Surely a piece of writing can stand on its own?

When people care about the music they write, and the professional
conditions in which they participate, they can react like this. Perhaps in
the worlds of some 1996 is ancient history, but issues relating to musical
meaning and significance are ever current.

The reference to cliché is interesting. Clichés actually (IMV) actually
consolidate positions within a practice or language. If there are truths
to be discovered, they may always be seen as cliché, though we will need to
hear under the surface for new insights (as in just about every pre- and
classical symphony) ... in short, we can still say 'I love you' (sic.).
Cliché can be a form of legitimation, it's true - and, if it is based on
powerful corroboration of like minded-individuals who feel the same
potentials in musical materials, then go for it! I guess this would even
have to extend to the various techno derivates cited by Bob Ostertag which
would not be subject to their cute labels without cliché.

Since Mr Humon asks, I would suggest that for PAE the idea of nominations
be scrapped, and that the subject of and decisions in the competition not
be used as a vehicle for personal validation or PR on internet lists.

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