Re: academics & ea,genreism,- PAE?

Subject: Re: academics & ea,genreism,- PAE?
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Sun Dec 19 1999 - 03:17:59 EST

Naut Humon wrote:

> ... well get set for the PAE 2000 Digital Musics appeal
> set for deadline by April. ...

Apologetic hype not accepted.

> DO
> consider!

I have considered the book PAE recently sent me, immortalizing its
supposed significance by listing my name as an entrant. I don't want
to be counted among all the "computer music" suckers...and certainly
not as a converted "digital music" composer.

> Lets try and move beyond the factionalism
> of genre specific recognition because many
> things are being blurred these days between
> these arbitrary categories.

You started it with all the anti-computer music
diatribe in the jury's report.

> This of course
> means that those who wish to remain 'pure'
> or music specific will not be discounted.

What's this??!! Are you backing off that tract,
so that you can boast how many suckers have
taken your money bait?

> Any suggestions on judging procedures,
> types of jurors, and evaluation
> calendars are most welcome.

Some resignations from the panel would
be in order, I suggest.

> Last year there were around 700+
> entries/nominees to reckon with and to
> be uniformly fair to each one
> was a big issue.(2 -3 minute excerpts,
> 3 day full judging period etc.)

At 3 minutes per entry, that's 2100 minutes
or 35 hours. Ahhhh.... What about deliberations?
That must have been well nigh impossible to
do. I guess you had to cut down the listening
to a few seconds per piece, if that.

> Good computer music does not suck--

Still backing off, huh? Can't stand by your
new banner...DIGITAL MUSIC forever!!

> and even though we all have personal
> opinions on what is really "good"
> most of EVERY every music genre
> SUCKS! Its those fantastic exceptions
> that consume our listening lives.
> And there are enough of these
> musical masterpieces to inhabit
> our valuable time. Seek and ye
> shall still find......

"...musical masterpieces...", such as the ones this
year's panel declared as winners??? Give me a

> my apologies for this public address
> intervention but I wanted to remind
> anyone still interested about
> submitting to the renovated Prix Ars
> this coming spring .......

Apologies? None needed. For this one composer,
I don't want ever to enter the Digital Music
category...because of what it declares philosophically,
I needn't apply. I will not "submit" to PAE 2000 because
of its stated aesthetic bigotry. "Computer music composers
need not apply" is the message I get.

Computer music solidarity forever!!

Larry Austin

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