brand-new AVANT magazine Home Page

Subject: brand-new AVANT magazine Home Page
From: Martín_Fumarola (
Date: Sat Dec 18 1999 - 14:55:32 EST

Some time ago I informed you about the 2 issues of AVANT
magazine from England devoted to electroacoustic and
computer music, which included a special reference to
our CD "Travels of the Spider - Electroacoustic Music
from Argentina" (issues 11 and 12). The web site of AVANT
I mentioned had short life, however. Some members of
this list (Ian, you were one of them) wrote to me
reporting the problems for browsing it. But now they have a
brand-new Home Page that is up and running.... The URL is
as follows:


There are several interesting links...

Martin Fumarola

>Thanks Martin
>It will be up next week as
>we also will have
>The Baschet sound sculpture site is already up at

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