Re: Using 2 Monitors for mac???

Subject: Re: Using 2 Monitors for mac???
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Sat Dec 18 1999 - 12:11:14 EST

Actually a mac comes ready to house a second monitor look at the back of
your machine the connector that looks like a skinny version of your
already used monitor connector thats it. You will need an adapter and
maybe some more video ram but not necessarily...


Steven Naylor wrote:
> >Hay there, I have a question and didn't know where else to ask. I have
> >seen that some graphic designers use two monitors to work with, one for the
> >graphic and one for their pallets. Couldn't sound designers do the same?
> >One for the edit window and one for Vst or TDM type plugins?? If we can,
> >how do we hook it up and what type of card would we use??? Thankx, Dave.
> >
> >Ps. I use a Mac.
> >
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> > (----)
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> Often all you need is a second video card to drive the other monitor, and a
> PCI slot to put it in.. Can't speak to the newer models without PCI slots
> - maybe some of them even have extra ports built in?
> Anyway, PCI monitor cards vary widely in capability (video features,
> resolutions, VRAM, etc) so you'd have to spec one according to your needs.
> Once the card and its driver software are installed, the 'monitors' control
> panel is used to configure layout, resolution, etc.
> I do know people who prefer to have one very large monitor, but I work in a
> couple locations with dual 16 or 17" and like it very much (though they do
> take up a lot of desk space)
> S


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