Re: academics & computer music & genreism

Subject: Re: academics & computer music & genreism
From: A.J. Moore (
Date: Sat Dec 18 1999 - 08:55:32 EST

in very brief reply - (hell, it was too long to read. :)

a copy of "Shit - computer music's ace !"
landed on my desk this morning for review.
Published by Fable and Fable at an
unholy $14.99 and already in reprint as the first copy (woops
- run) had two meny typografical errors in it.

I am sure Bob's article is a great read for the Christmas break.
However I've gone for "Why War against your fellow man sucks",
"Why pestilence sucks", "Why Famine sucks", "Why buying
Christmas presents sucks", "Why hangovers suck", "Why Whirlwinds

Merry Christmas and keep writing computer music.


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