Re: Using 2 Monitors for mac???

Subject: Re: Using 2 Monitors for mac???
From: david stevens (
Date: Sat Dec 18 1999 - 05:37:30 EST

dave solursh wrote:
>The thing I am finding
> hard to grasp is how do configure the two monitors in the control panel.
> (if it is totaly self explanitory please excuse me, as I don't have the new
> mac yet and am just trying to figure it out before hand)

hi dave

it _is_ pretty easy once you've got the monitor connected. both monitors
will show up in the Monitors & Sound control panel, where you can change
which of the two is the startup screen, and what their spatial
relationship to each other is.
while you're trying to make making music on the computer a more pleasant
experience - have you tried using a drawing tablet instead of a mouse? i
use a small Wacom pad and i find it much easier to work with music
software than working with the mouse - and also much less of a strain on
my wrist.


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