Re: soundscape analysis? Get real!

Subject: Re: soundscape analysis? Get real!
From: Al Biles (
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 11:12:37 EST

At 8:16 PM -0500 12/15/99, wrote:
>There are people who can read spectrograms of speech
>and identify the words.
>Linda Seltzer

"The amazing Vicor Zu" (as he was referred to by a speech scientist I
worked with in the 80's) is maybe the best known of these worthies. As I
recall, he could even transcribe strings of nonsense syllables, which
indicated that he wasn't using word- or phrase-level cues. I remember a
short film produced at MIT in the 80's featuring him reading spectrograms.
Absolutley fascinating. Also fascinating was the hideous shirt he wore in
the film, one of those shiny polyester things with blue horses on it, as I
recall. Great stuff!

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