Re: PZM mics

Subject: Re: PZM mics
From: Steven Naylor (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 13:37:53 EST

>I've heard that it is possible to use a 9v battery to power the
>Realistic/Radioshack PZM mic instead of the standard 1.5v AA they
>recommend. Before I try it, can anybody confirm that this is okay?
>David Prior

I've used a pair of Photo 6v (they're half the size of an AA, so you can
pack 12 volts into the holder!) and got somewhat elevated level and
improved S/N (then again, the batteries are expensive, so the placebo
effect might have been in operation too).

But I once read somewhere that an overall rewiring job has an even bigger
impact on improving the S/N and overall fidelity. Sorry I don't have a URL.


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