Re: soundscape analysis? Get real! Get SpectraFoo

Subject: Re: soundscape analysis? Get real! Get SpectraFoo
From: Metric Halo (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 19:32:28 EST

Hello all,
I have been following this discussion with interest and would like to offer
my 2.

one of our products is SpectraFoo, which will run as a TDM plug in, a MAS
plug in and as a stand alone application on the MAC PowerPC, G3 and G4

SpectraFoo is capable of up to 64K point FFT analysis in real time, which
gives accuracy from DC to Nyquist with a granularity of 2/3 hz.

You can run the spectrograph and spectrogram simultaneouly. Both displays
show exactly what you are hearing as you hear it.

SpectraFoo is used by ethnomusicologists the world over to help in the
discussions of non european music.

We invite any one who is interested in really seeing what is going on, to
down load a fully funtioning demo of SpectraFoo from our web site

Thanks for your indulgence I hope you will find that SpectraFoo will help
to provide the answers you are looking for and help solve your problems as
it has done for the audio community the world over.

Best regards,

Stu Buchalter
V.P. Metric Halo Labs.Inc.
Phone: 1-914-831-8600
Office Fax: 1-914-831-4827
Fax 1-603-250-2451

SpectraFoo-'Cause the more'ya know,
                        the more 'ya know!
ChannelStrip- Saves Time, Money & Aggrevation - Sounds Awesome!

You can download a fully functioning demo NOW!

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