Re: cardigans? Get real grungy!

Subject: Re: cardigans? Get real grungy!
From: Ned Bouhalassa (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 12:04:45 EST

Cardigans = Grunge

>From (,5744,2199,00.html)
Esquire magazine's Encyclopedia of Male Vanity, Lack-of-Vanity Vanity entry:

"The ratty cardigans, shredded flannel shirts, a torn sneakers of Cobain and
his generational cohorts were a refreshing antidote to the
suspenders-and-shot-cuffs aesthetic of the eighties."

More proof that some of us have a lot of time on our hands...

Nye Parry wrote:

> I just felt I needed to jump to the defense of cardigans. There are many
> cardigan wearers who are NOT academics and whose cardigan wearing is at
> least as meaningful as the cardigan wearing of those subsidised to do so.
> Furthermore the cardigan is warm and comfortable and has a great
> pedigree and I feel that Mr Worby is being downright UNPATRIOTIC in his
> denigration of this most British of garments
> sincerely
> On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Andrew Lewis wrote:
> > Robert Worby wrote:
> > >
> > > No wonder electroacoustic music equals frumpy old academics in
> > > cardigans.
> >
> > I know Robert is fiercely and in my opinion rather uncharitably
> > anti-academic, but I feel I must point out that not all academics are
> > old or wear cardigans. One might even concede that even those who are
> > old ought not necessarily to be criticized for it.
> >
> Nye Parry
> City University &
> Guildhall School of Music and Drama



N e d B o u h a l a s s a


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