Re: Unity debate?

Subject: Re: Unity debate?
From: dave solursh (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 10:14:01 EST

Check out <> they have an interface designed for
their own programs. I use an emu launch pad that works well with re-birth
and Session. Some midi controllers are slow to track, when compared to a
real knob, but with a fast computer and as technology progresses I can see
it being very refined. Look at that new board they have for Protools, the
"Pro-control" yah at 15grand you better belive it tracks well, I played
with it a steve's in TO Holy crap, I'm in love.

>I suppose though that it's possible to control different soft-sampler
>parameters using a MIDI controller (with knobs and sliders).
>Neil Wiernik wrote:
>> You can't get the same precision when filtering a sample for example in
>> Unity that you could get with turning a few knobs that you can actually
>> touch on a machine.


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