Re: Unity debate?

Subject: Re: Unity debate?
From: dave solursh (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 09:19:42 EST

That's the road i'm traveling as well, nice to see ya here. (Although I
haven't tried Unity) it's long way from the last town we met at, what was
it called????? "Tape town" =-) Besides, in a few years we will
probalbly use all that plastic and metal for a new "Primordium" for the
studio wall =-) And the cool thing about the soft synths and samplers is
that many are now 24 bit, and they are integrated with you sequencing
programs and WAY cheaper. Later Neddy, Davey.

>Couldn't resist a bit of a local joke...
>On a more topical note, I was wondering if anyone has tried replacing
>their hardware sampler(s) with Unity, from Bitheadz. With the growing
>number of software for creating and manipulating sound from within the
>computer (sequencer-based mixing, soft-synths and samplers, VST
>plug-ins), I'm wondering if it's time to sell off some of my plastic and
>metal (microphones, speakers and amp excluded, bien sur), and make the
>switch to a all-in-one-box studio...
>Ned (it's getting cold - where did I put my cardigan?)
> N e d B o u h a l a s s a


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