Unity debate?

Subject: Unity debate?
From: Ned Bouhalassa (nedb@videotron.ca)
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 09:38:57 EST

Couldn't resist a bit of a local joke...

On a more topical note, I was wondering if anyone has tried replacing
their hardware sampler(s) with Unity, from Bitheadz. With the growing
number of software for creating and manipulating sound from within the
computer (sequencer-based mixing, soft-synths and samplers, VST
plug-ins), I'm wondering if it's time to sell off some of my plastic and
metal (microphones, speakers and amp excluded, bien sur), and make the
switch to a all-in-one-box studio...

Ned (it's getting cold - where did I put my cardigan?)


   N e d B o u h a l a s s a


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