Re: soundscape analysis? Get real!

Subject: Re: soundscape analysis? Get real!
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 07:40:13 EST

>Ears and mind also analyse sound. I think Rob's point was why use
>graphics to analyse music? But it's an interesting issue that the
>spectrograph can be used to analyse music *composed* (as many would have
>us believe) without recourse to such visual representation of the
>materials. > >john

Hmmmmm we use graphics to perceive and analyse words. While text is not
'graphic' in the traditional sense, it appears to me that I use many of
my senses to figure out what is going on around me. I would not limit
myself to my ears for understanding sound anymore than I would limit
myself to only looking at and reading about Joyce. I would consider the
'rejection' of a mode of communication / understanding, to be limiting on
my ability to perceive and make sense of an external reality. (If such a
thing exists.)



And this morning 5 cm of snow

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