Re: soundscape analysis

Subject: Re: soundscape analysis
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 07:28:08 EST

>I concur with Dr. Worby on this one.
>analysis should be led by the ears but new perspectives can
>be shown by "forcing" something that may not intuitively
>be thought to give good results

Hmmmmmm this might be true in cases where there are no preconceived
limits, that is, ears that are truly tabla rasa. Maybe the 'ears' have
built up years of "I know what I like". If one were to approach
traditional Japanese music with the ears of G&S, one might end up with
the Mikado.

Could it be that 'analysis' that uses the ears (rather than the mind,
perception and the ears) creates Mikado-esque visions of ea/cm. (This is
similar to class reaction at the start of the academic year, when pieces
are described [quite rightly], as weird and spacey, and sound effects
collaged together.)

Intuition ... what a lovely concept Adrian! Any ideas on where I can
learn about this? <8-()>



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