Fwd: your music on FOLDOVER (playlist 12/06/99)

Subject: Fwd: your music on FOLDOVER (playlist 12/06/99)
From: CEC (cec@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 10:56:29 EST

>FOLDOVER airs every Monday from 3pm - 5pm on WOBC 91.5 FM in Oberlin, Ohio
>(just outside of Cleveland).
>FOLDOVER focuses primarily on electro-acoustic music though recordings of
>acoustic works are broadcast.
>There is now a web site with information about FOLDOVER
>(http://www.timara.oberlin.edu/~tlopez/foldover/index.html); it includes
>playlists and information on how to find recordings of the music [usually
>distribution web sites or email addresses of the composers].
>playlist for Monday, December 06, 1999:
>Kitty Brazelton Dark Secret
>Rémy Carré La Trace du Souffle
>Michel Chion Requiem
>Hedfunk Freedom
>Monique Jean IF
>Daniel Leduc Traverser Les Grandes Eaux
>György Ligeti Etüden für Orgel (Nr. 1 & Nr. 2)
>Eric Pessel Start/End Sanity
>Russell Pinkston Don't Look Now
>DJ Spooky Journey
>Mark Wingate Ode to the South-Facing Form
>FOLDOVER is organized by Tom Lopez. Music will be accepted and reviewed on
>DAT and CD; materials will only be returned if a SASE is provided.
>Tom Lopez
>Visiting Instructor
>Contemporary Music Division
>TIMARA Department
>Oberlin Conservatory of Music
>Oberlin, Ohio 44074 USA
>(440) 775-8748

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