Re: soundscape analysis? Get real!

Subject: Re: soundscape analysis? Get real!
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 08:47:45 EST

Robert refuted!!

>Soundscape analysis? Musical analysis? Get real! USE YOUR EARS!!!!

Real? Sorry to have lost the meaning of 'get real' and 'use your ears'
... does this posit the existence of reality?

Use your ears is a little obscure: I'm not quite sure what, and how this
applies in this context. Could it be elucidated?

>No wonder electroacoustic music equals frumpy old academics in

Sorry to hear that for you em = foaic ...

           =+ /

I would add to this, with glasses ... long hair optional

Maybe it's a consideration that different people have different
perspectives, different needs and different propensities.

> Maybe STEIM could produce an electroacoustic to midi
>converter (no doubt they have!) then you could all print out your music,
>note for note, and have the department wind band play it while you
>follow the score.

This approaches core issues in the original posting: those of appropriate
means for the graphical presentation of sonic objects; the
psychoacoustics of how multiple sources are perceived, segregated and
integrated; and the appropriate tools for transducing various forms of
'musical' (sic) information. You may want to see how well Finale opens
MIDI files (sic) to see where some widely available commercial programs
are on this issue. :(



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