Re: soundscape analysis? Get real!

Subject: Re: soundscape analysis? Get real!
From: Rick Nance (
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 03:32:58 EST

Robert Worby wrote:
> Soundscape analysis? Musical analysis? Get real! USE YOUR EARS!!!!
> No wonder electroacoustic music equals frumpy old academics in
> cardigans. Maybe STEIM could produce an electroacoustic to midi
> converter (no doubt they have!) then you could all print out your music,
> note for note, and have the department wind band play it while you
> follow the score.

My god, what an idea! and the Spectrographs could be used to create
fantastic marching band drills for football (american) halftime shows.
What a wonderful world this is getting to be (barring war, pestilence,
and telemarketers)

Rick Nance

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