Re: Mac Powerbook sound cards?

Subject: Re: Mac Powerbook sound cards?
From: lawrence casserley (
Date: Sat Dec 11 1999 - 12:43:58 EST

Hi Keith

There is a constantly ongoing thread about this on the MAX list - contact
Chris Murtagh - chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA, who manages the list.

I have just started using a 400MHz PB to save weight when flying to gigs.
but there are still I/O problems. There is a PC slot card with analogue and
spdif I/O called VXpocket from digigram. This works well, except that it
uses very large I/O buffers, so latency is poor for input to output
processing. Dpending on what you are doing thisi may or may not be a
problem. It is for me, so for the moment I am using the PB analogue I/O,
which is noisy when running on mains power, so I have to do concerts on the
battery! Also I really need more channels, so I looking at frames to take
PCI bus cards, an expensive and awkward option at present, but there are
some new possibilities in the pipeline. There are also some things coming
along using USB or fireWire, but these are a case of wait and see at
present. I am keeping an eye on this at the moment, so I will report if i
have any news.

But when i think of the amount of gear we carted around in the 70s doing it
on a PB at all is pretty amazing!!!! :-)>



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> Hi,I've recently bought a powerbook G3 333MHz laptop > and I'm wondering if there are any good soundcards(Type 11) > for the PC slot available? > Ideally I'd like digital I\O. > > I'm using Max\MSP. Anyone using this with a powerbook? > Any help would be much appreciated :) > Best Wishes, > Keith Cross

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