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From: Ian Chuprun (
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 16:19:51 EST

Richard Zvonar wrote:

> Each room has a 24x24 channel LCS matrix mixer. I'm interested to
> know if this is being used actively for the present concert series.

I think it would be best if I let the Reseaux crew answer this one so the details
are correct... once they get back online...

Last nights two shows were simply gorgeous. I said this to a friend who wasn't
there and she said 'ya right...', but without going over the top and trying to be
fair and a bit restrained (knowing I have a strong potential for hyperbole), I
have to say that gorgeous is an accurate term. The first show, with pieces
selected by Jens Hedman and Paulina Sundin, went well beyond my expectations (and
they were high after Wednesday night's show). They played, from 8 channels, their
piece Reflections, and Jonty Harrison's Streams, and in stereo Justice Olsson's

The second show was a solo for the Swedish duo, and they alternated between each
other's works until the final piece, Currents, which they had co-composed.
Beautifully and finely crafted and executed works, with my only criticisms being
that the three minute Cadge Road was way too short and that there should be a CD
available from this pair so I can hear more.

Tonight's two concerts turn the spotlight onto Reseaux's Robert Normandeau, with a
carte blanche at 7pm and a multi-channel solo show at 9pm.

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Ian Chuprun

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