Re: soundscape analysis

Subject: Re: soundscape analysis
From: matt kober (
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 10:50:40 EST

The best program I've seen yet for spectral analysis is called "mac the
scope". The Spectrograph is highly accurate, detailed and can be set to
scroll in full screen mode (in 3d, yet!), providing a very large and
detailed visual representation of the spectral info of a given sound. You
can take screen shots of parts that you want and paste them into Photoshop
or whatever. It's even fun to "watch" a piece of Mozart or something,
seeing all the instruments popping up along the spectrum. I've found this
prog to be indespensable for analysis. The problem : It's wicked
expensive. I think they are charging something like 400 clams for it.
However the demo works pretty well and will display your files (or
playthrough a CD) for about 5 min before quitting. This is still pretty
useful. You can find it somewhere in . I'm positive
I've seen it there...


--- Nick Fells <> wrote:
> Cool Edit Pro does this on Windows - you just switch to Spectral View
> instead of
> Waveform View. But it ain't freeware, of course. Lovely colours too. I
> don't
> know if you can save it as an image file though - maybe using the 'print
> screen'
> button and pasting into another application.
> Nick
> Dennis Bathory-Kitsz wrote:
> > At 02:56 PM 12/9/99 -0000, Dr Michael Alcorn <>
> wrote:
> > >There is an app. called Gram which creates sectrograph files from
> audio.
> > >These can be saved as bit map files. The app is quite small - I can
> mail it
> > >to you if you wish.
> >
> > I am interested in this as well. Can you post a URL? Can you tell more
> > about it, especially the maximum length file it can work with?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Dennis
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