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Subject: Re: soundscape analysis
From: Rob Godman (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 17:15:38 EST

Carlos Palombini wrote:
> Dear CEC-discuss,
> Does anyone know whether a programme exists that may turn soundscapes
> (or pieces of EA music) into graphic represantations for the purpose of
> musical analysis?
Hi Carlos,
Not sure about musical analysis but Tom Erbe's really great programme
SoundHack (v. 0.8888 PPC) has a facility for converting a soundfile into
a QuickTime Movie. May or may not be of use to you.
I'll quote from the manual here:-

"The QuickTimeŞ movie will contain a series of sonograms representing
your sound. The sonograms have linear frequency on the vertical axis and
time on the horizontal axis......."

and it goes on.....

"After the QT Coder creates the QuickTimeŞ movie, you will be able to
open it in any QuickTimeŞ application and view, edit or modify the
sonogram. After doing this, you will be able to open the modified movie
in SoundHack and convert it back into sound using the QT Coder

and finally Tom says

"This function is rather experimental and I am not quite sure what it
will be good for yet."

Well, it certainly makes a rather nice graphic and I gather he has
further plans for development of this part of it. If the graphic
implimentation turns out to be anywhere near as good as the audio
processing it will be worth exploring.
All of this contains early enthusiasm on my part for the programme as
I've only been using it for a day! A minor drawback is that SoundHack
takes an eternity to do the visual processing (90sec stereo 44.1 16 bit
about 20 mins!). The programmes Mac only and I'd go for a really fast
I'd be interested to hear anyone elses comment on the programme.

Rob Godman

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