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Subject: Re: soundscape analysis
From: Dr.Godfried-Willem RAES (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 13:05:46 EST

At 16:37 09-12-99 +0000, you wrote:
>> Does anyone know whether a programme exists that may turn soundscapes
>> (or pieces of EA music) into graphic represantations for the purpose of
>> musical analysis?
>As far as I know, you cannot go beyond signal analysis (FFT, wavelets...).
>A program which would extract shapes and structures as we perceive them
>doesn't exist yet althought it would be highly useful. Some work going in
>this direction (human hearing modeling) is made by Marc Leman at the RUG in
>Ghent (Belgium) but much is still to be done and I am not sure musical
>analysis will benefit of such researches very soon (data reduction is
>probably the main goal at this moment).

imho., that approach does not work yet with non-pitch oriented musics! As
now, Cool Edit Pro is the quickest and most suitable solution.
If you want to do some programming, you can use my GMT software. It has a
chromatic spectrum analysis built in. It's not 'push the button and go'
however. We may write such a utility soon though. It's high in demand...


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