Re: Mac Powerbook sound cards?

Subject: Re: Mac Powerbook sound cards?
From: david stevens (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 17:33:43 EST

hi Keith,

the existing options are:

Digigram VXpocket, which is 2 channel. I've been told that there is a 4
channel version planned, which should be available next year.

Magma expansion chassis, into which you plug a sound card like the
Sonorus Studi/o. this connects into one of the device bays - but i'm not
sure that Magma have made one to fit the new (bronze keyboard)
powerbooks yet (it's slimmer than the previous model).

various USB options are on the way, though i kind of doubt that that is
going to be a fast enough interface for serious audio work.

yamaha are apparently working on a Firewire audio interface, which again
should be available sometime next year.

i'm using max/msp with a PB 400mHz (and a 233 befrore that). it works great!
(are you on the max list yet? if not, it's a good place to be. you can
find a link to the subscription site on the links page on

david wrote:
> Hi,I've recently bought a powerbook G3 333MHz laptop
> and I'm wondering if there are any good soundcards(Type 11)
> for the PC slot available?
> Ideally I'd like digital I\O.
> I'm using Max\MSP. Anyone using this with a powerbook?
> Any help would be much appreciated :)
> Best Wishes,
> Keith Cross

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