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Subject: Re: are there any pieces for....
From: Ingvar Loco Nordin (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 12:46:05 EST

The most wonderful, wondrous piece for organ and electronics that
I've come across is Gilius van Bergeijks "Over de Dood en de Tijd"
(On Death & Time) (1980) It is an hommage to Schubert, and uses part
of Death and the Maiden. The last section of the rather long work
utilizes an organ. You must not miss this great work of art! It made
me write some of my best poetry - and I even made a radio program
around this work, based on the poetic and visionary impulses the
piece triggered in my mind. I think it still can only be found on an
LP from Composer's Voice, Donemus, number 8203.

Also, I'd be very interested to find out if any of you have heard
this work, and what your impressions are. Anybody?


>organ and tape out there ?

All places are here! All times are now!

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