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International Gaudeamus Music Week 2000

A composers competition for the young generation.

The International Gaudemus Music Week 2000 will take place from 29 August
until 6 September.

Composers who are born after September 6, 1969 may enter works. Works
may already have been performed, but they must have been composed not
more than three years ago. It is possible to enter more than one work.

Compositions can be entered into the following categories:

In principle everything is possible in this category, within the limits of solo
instruments to ensembles consisting of maximally 16 instruments; with or
without electronics, video, etc.; written for specific performers or for any
musician/ensemble. Several ensembles have already been booked, and so it is
possible to send works especially for their instrumentation. Other possibilities
are several Dutch chamber groups. More information about these ensembles is
available at Gaudeamus.

The International Gaudeamus Music Week will also pay attention to
electroacoustic music, music installations, and different other types of music,
for instance improvised music. Proposals for performances of such works are

All works entered before January 31, 2000 will be judged by the selection


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