Re: underwater recording

Subject: Re: underwater recording
From: Ingvar Loco Nordin (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 03:42:59 EST

Hello there Pete!

David Dunn has released a CD with underwater recordings of
microscopic aquatic insects made in fresh water ponds in Africa and
North America. The piece - a brilliant work of art - is called Chaos
and the Emergent Mind of the Pond. It was released on a CD (Angels &
Insects) from What Next Recordings in Santa Fe by Nonsequitur
Foundation in 1992. David Dunn should be able to give you ample
advice! He says he used a dat recorder with a pair of omnidirectional


Ingvar Loco Nordin

>I'm going to be involved in a project where underwater recording is a
>distinct possibility and I wondered if anyone had any advice on how I can
>keep my microphones dry whilst I'm doing it. Has anyone tried to do this
>- any advice would be gratefully received.
>Pete "Jacques Cousteau" Stollery

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