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Subject: RE: underwater recording
From: ian stonehouse (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 09:31:48 EST

>>>I'm going to be involved in a project where underwater recording is a
>>>distinct possibility and I wondered if anyone had any advice on how I can
>>>keep my microphones dry whilst I'm doing it. Has anyone tried to do this
>>>- any advice would be gratefully received.
>>>Pete "Jacques Cousteau" Stollery
>>Tupperware !

There is a company in London called *Extreme Facilities* - 0171 801 9111 -
who specialize in unusual audio/video equipment - such as surveillance gear
and waterproof housings for cameras and (I presume) microphones. Give them
a try. I've used them for digital camera housings in the past and they were
very helpful.

Tupperware - the sealable plastic boxes you store food in - is a 'lo-fi'
solution, which a few people I know have tried successfully - sealing mics
inside them and drilling holes for the cable plugged with a grommet (not
the Nick Park cartoon character, but the rubber seal variety), although
this does obviously compromise the mic sensitivity & frequency response
etc. (Grommets are available from Canford Audio - 0191 418 1122 !).

Hope this helps.

Ian Stonehouse


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