FWD: Varia of INterest

Subject: FWD: Varia of INterest
From: KEVIN AUSTIN (KAUSTIN@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 07:23:00 EST

Subj: FWD: Varia of interest

Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 14:23:21 -0500
From: Manuel Rocha Iturbide <manroit@compuserve.com>
Subject: From Manuel Rocha Iturbide

To: Kevin Austin <kaustin@vax2.concordia.ca>

   I just put up a page on the internet with my doctoral thesis on the
granular sinthesis techniques. It is quite technical all through but the
last chapter I discuss about a Quantum aesthetics of contemporary music.

     The thesis is in french, but I hope that at least some canadians will
be able to read it, if you know of any one interested please give them the


     On the other hand, we organized the first international sound art
festival in Mexico City last July, with sound art exhibitions and
electroacustic music concerts, we had country concerts, one by Braisl
(curated by Jorge Antunes), one by Italy curated by an association of
italian computer music, and one by Spain curated by Gregorio Jimenez,


        Best Regards

        Manuel Rocha Iturbide

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