Re: ICMC deadlines and Special Projects

Subject: Re: ICMC deadlines and Special Projects
From: Peter Castine (
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 06:44:35 EST

On around 5­12­1999 21:06, Larry Austin said something like:

>According to the ICMC 2000 website:
>December 15, 1999 (Postmark) Deadline for Proposals of
> Special Projects
>January 4, 2000 (Postmark) Deadline for Music and
> Installation Submissions
> Deadline for Paper Submissions
> Deadline for Demonstration Submissions

This is correct.

There seems to be some confusion about "What are Special Projects"? To be
honest, I wasn't expecting the confusion at all, because ICMC 2000 is not
the first ICMC to call for proposals, but the confusion is there. So:

"Special Projects" are things that are *not* musical compositions (or
other performances in the ICMC concert program), installations, papers,
posters, or demonstrations. "Special Projects" are things like Round
Table discussions on specific topics, Workshops (that would take place
prior to ICMC proper), or perhaps you would like to organize a special
breakfast session on the problems of left-handedness in computer music
studios. Use your imagination...

I can't make a comprehensive list of all possible things that would come
under "Special Projects" -- that's what makes them special. They are what
is over and above standard ICMC fare.

We have had a number of proposals already, probably already more than we
will be able to realize. Nevertheless, we will give serious consideration
to all proposals made by Dec. 15. There is no form for submitting
proposals. We would appreciate it if those wishing to propose special
projects would do so as soon as possible--it would make our task just a
little bit easier.

Je vous remercie pour votre attention; ich bedanke mich für Ihre
Aufmerksamkeit; thank you for your attention.


Look forward to seeing you all in Berlin,


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