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Subject: Clarence Barlow - Ensemble KORE
From: Marc Couroux (
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 04:40:10 EST

                          Ensemble KORE presents

                              CLARENCE BARLOW

                        Music Visual / Music Verbal
                     a multi-dimensional presentation
                         Tuesday, December 7, 8 PM
                    Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur
                           100 Sherbrooke East

A pioneer in the field of computer music, Clarence Barlow was one of the
first composers to build his own computers (in the early 1970s) and design
software to assist in the process of composition. But the true genius of
Barlow lies within his music: at a curious intersection between the ludic
and the abstract, the highest mathematical systems and indigenous
folkmusics, the sublime and the ridiculous. His monumental piano work
cogluotobusisletmesi (1978) fuses Indian raga with a highly sophisticated
study of tonality and metricism; Orchideae Ordinariae (1988) wreaks havoc
through European tradition (morphing Bruckner, statistically determined
"chorales", impossibly virtuosic piano music, a syrupy ballad). Trio 1981
(1981) is statistically derived entirely from piano trios of Clementi,
Schumann and Ravel.

About the presentation:

Sound and Motion, two important ingredients of music, are also essential
to the worlds of speech and space, respectively. One speaks in musical
contexts of "high" and "low", of "fast" and "slow" (spatial concepts - the
tempo indication andante literally means "walking") as well as of "bright"
and "dark" sounds and of "rhythmic articulation", as in the sounds of

Always fascinated by links such as these, the composer Clarence Barlow has
been increasingly drawn in recent years to musically enacting the
parallels between these worlds in a technically stringent but
aesthetically persuasive way. For this performance he has prepared a
one-hour video tape in which the musics compositional extraction from its
spatial or verbal origins is visibly and simultaneously re-enacted. A
selection of eight compositions dating from 1981 to 1999 are featured on
this video, in which the music plays "first fiddle" with the visuals as
accompanist instead of the usual vice-versa.

Come see one of the most thought-provoking and essential composers of the
20th century on his world tour!

Generously sponsored by the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands.

For further information: 989-9846

Free admission

Marc Couroux and Michael Oesterle
directors, Ensemble KORE

2271 Souvenir
Montreal, Quebec
tel/fax: (514) 989-9846

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