Contest Results (if missed previously) fwd

Subject: Contest Results (if missed previously) fwd
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 23:24:17 EST


Society for Electroacoustic Music
Foundation Czech Music Fund
Foundation OSA


International Electroacoustic Music Competition

JURY: Lenka Dohnalova,Juraj Duris,Marta Jirackova,Miroslav Kaduch,Alois
Pinos,Rudolf Ruzicka

69 pieces were considered from 22 countries

Category A (compositions of autonomous art electroacoustic music)
First Prize: Francis Dhomont (Canada) Les moirures du temps
Second Prize: James Dashow (U.S.A.) other times,the distances
Honorary Mention: Amnon Y. Wolman (U.S.A.) Slow down

Category B (compositions for acoustic instrument/voice/ensemble plus
electroacoustic media)
First Prize: Rainer Burck (Germany) Flautando
Second Prize: Fabio Gorodski (Brazil) Ficciones
Honorary Mention: Cyril Kastellikian (France) Connivence

Special Prize for Composition by a Woman: Annamaria Federici (Italy) Tempi
Special Prize for Czech Composition: Michal Kosut Concertino
Special Prize for Composition by a Young Composer: Fabio Gorodski Ficciones

Decision of the jury is final

   Lenka Dohnalova Rudolf Ruzicka
   Secretary of the Competition Chairman of the Jury

MUSICA NOVA '99 - SEAH, Radlicka 99, 150 00 Praha 5, CZECH REPUBLIC

Praha - Prague, November 21, 1999


The HEAR Studio of the Hungarian Radio has organized in November the 3rd
Electroacoustic Music Competition, the EAR 99. 150 entry works were
sent in three categories.

The results:
1. category (tape music): two first prizes was awarded:
            Francis Dhomont (Canada): En cuerdas
            Luigi Ceccarelli (Italy): In die ressurrectionis
                                      special prize:
            Robert Mackay (United Kingdom): Voicewind

2. category (instrument+tape part)
            I. prize: Gyula Pint=E9r (Hungary): Ekide =E9s Monici
           II. prize: Francis White (USA): Centre Bridge

3. category (live electroacoustic music)
            The first prize was not awarded.
            II. prize: Rainer B=FCrck (Germany): Flautando

Yours sincerely,

Judit Toth
HEAR Studio of Hungarian Radio
H-1800 Budapest
Brody Sandor utca 5-7.
Fax: 361 328 7450


From: "Angela Molina" <>
Subject: Ciberart Festival
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 19:00:31 +0200

     We are writing the present note to notify that the jury of
International Electroacustic Creation Competition of Cibeart composed of:
Pepe Iges, Nicola Sani, Marisa Manchado, Alfonso G. de la Torre, Gregorio
Jimenez, Andrew Bentley, Andreas Mniestris y Michael Alcorn; has selected
between 57 works presented, the following pieces have been selected to
       - "Phonurgie" by Francis Dhomont
       - "Trois Petites Histories concretes" by Stephane Roy
       - "Derriere la porte la plus eloignee" by Gilles Gobeil
       - "Viva la Selva" by Natasha Barret
       - "Danse de l'enfant esseulee" by Monique Jean

  =C1ngela Molina

end fwd


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