Subject: EAR'99
From: Szabolcs Keresztes (keszab@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 20:27:05 EST

EAR '99

   The HEAR Studio of the Hungarian Radio has organized in November
the 3rd Electroacoustic Music Competition, the EAR 99. 150 entry
works were sent in three categories.

     The results:
     1. category (tape music): two first prizes was awarded:
        Francis Dhomont (Canada): En cuerdas
        Luigi Ceccarelli (Italy): In die ressurrectionis
     special prize:
        Robert Mackay (United Kingdom): Voicewind

      2. category (instrument+tape part)
      I. prize: Gyula PintÚr (Hungary): Ekide Ús Monici
      II. prize: Francis White (USA): Centre Bridge

      3. category (live electroacoustic music)
      The first prize was not awarded.
      II. prize: Rainer BŘrck (Germany): Flautando

Szabolcs Keresztes

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