Subject: Ciber@RT
From: Angela Molina (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 08:49:09 EST

The Ciber@RT Festival took place between November 13 - 21, 1999 in Valencia (Spain) in its Fourth Edition, within the general programming of the Festival, which devotes a special section to the creation of electroacustic music.
This section has gained steadily more relevance within the festival and, nowdays, it enjoys great acceptance by the public.
With the aim of giving support and disseminating the works created by the composers of electroacustic music, and particularly those of Spanish authors, the festival is making and importantwager during this edition and is turningthis section into an international festival of electroacustic music with this public call.
To that end, the current edition of the festival has reached an agreement of colaboration with LEA, Laboratori of Electroacustics of the Superior Conservatory of Valencia, and have granted jointly an economic prize to the best internetional work and a prize which include the stay at the laboratory for the creation of an electroacustic work for the best work of an author from the Valencian Community.
The Jury of the Festival of International Creation of Electroacustic Music at CIBER@RT, Gregorio Jimenez, José Iges, Marisa Manchado, Alfonso García de la Torre, Nicola Sani, Michael Alcorn, Andrew Bentley and Andreas Mniestris, chose between 57 works, 5 finally works which are:
"Viva la Selva" composed by Natasha Barret from Norway.
"Phonurgie Cycle du Son, 4" by Francis Dhomont from France.
"Trois Petites Histories Concrètes" by Stéphane Roy from U.S.A.
"Derrière la Porte la Plus Éloignée" by Giles Gobeil from Canada.
"Danse de L' Enfant Esseulée" by Monique Jean from Canada.
The winner was Francis Dhomont with his work "Phonurgie" who was mencioned the 18th of November after the 5 finally works concert by Andrew Bentley the juror spokesman.
The summons also include a prize for the best Valencian composer. The work entitled "VCS3" composed by Ricardo Climent was the winner of this prize.

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