Please send in your pieces....

Subject: Please send in your pieces....
From: Stephen Arnold (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 06:19:26 EST

Once again we are asking if you would to send in your "tape" pieces
for performance here in Glasgow, Scotland.

Through to May 2000, we are presenting a series of "tape"-music
recitals on an 8-channel diffusion rig. The concerts are all
designed and presented by final-year engineering students who are
studying Music, principally Music Technology and Computer Music.
They work to a high standard and generally do an excellent job of
diffusing pieces in an imaginative, engaging way.

We don't have a budget for performers, so it has to be echt
electroacoustic on DAT or CD. It would be very helpful if you can
include a note on your piece(s) and a brief biography to facilitate
getting the program together. Pieces less than three years old are
especially welcome, but not to the exclusion of other work.

If we get too much to put on this season, we will put it on next
season, as these recitals happen every year. Send materials to me
as soon as possible at the address below.



Stephen Arnold,
Director of the Computer Music Studios,
Department of Music,
University of Glasgow,
14 University Gardens,
Glasgow G12 8QH
Scotland - UK

Tel.: +44 141 330 5509 FAX: +44 141 330 3518 email:

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